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That's All That Matters To Me Lyrics

By The Isaacs

I believe there are streets of gold but it’s alright with me If there’s nothing more than one old gravel road And I know a mansion’s waiting but a cabin suits me fine Just a place where I can rest my heavy load Chorus ‘Cause that’s all that matters to me To bow my head and thank my blessed Savior on my knees On those peaceful hills of glory in his presence I will be To know I’m home, that’s all that matters to me Oh they say there is a river that flows beneath the throne And the surface there reflects that holy place Oh I’m sure that all the splendor will be so grand to see What I long to see the most is Jesus’ face Oh the lights of that fair city will never fade away It’s a perfect land where night will never come But all the beauty I’ll behold there can’t compare to how I’ll fee When I hear my precious Lord say “Well done”

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