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Remember The Cross Lyrics & Chords

By Bill Monroe & Howard Watts

(D)Do you think of the cross on (G)which Jesus (D)died? Of the blood He shed for (A)you Are (D)you prepared to meet Him (G)in that land of (D)love By His word are you (A)going to (D)abide? Chorus (D)Remember the cross on (G)which Jesus (D)died Follow in His footsteps each (A)day He (D)shed His blood for you and He (G)shed His blood for (D)me Never cast (A)that cross (D)aside Never let other people lead you astray Teach His words to them if you can They must think of that cross on which Jesus died And get ready to meet Him someday When Jesus comes down from heaven above And You haven't thought of that cross He'll cast you aside in the twinkling of an eye And you won't see His blessed home of love

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