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Remind Me Who I Am Lyrics & Chords

By Jason Gray

(Em)When I lose my (C)way, And I forget my (G)name Remind me who I (D)am (Em)In the mirror all I (C)see Is who I don't wanna (G)be Remind me who I (D)am (C)In the loneliest (D)plac(Em)es (C)When I can't remember what (D)grace (G)is Chorus (C)Tell (G)me, (D)once (Em)again who I (C)am to (G)You, who I (Em)am to (D)You (C)Tell (G)me, lest (D)I for(Em)get Who I (C)am to (G)You, that I (Em)belong to (D)You,(C)(G)(D)to (C)You Verse 2 When my heart is like a stone, And I'm running far from home Remind me who I am When I can't receive Your love Afraid I'll never be enough Remind me who I am If I'm Your beloved Can You help me believe it Bridge I'm the (Em)one (D)You (G)love I'm the (Em)one (D)You (G)love That will (Em)be (D)e(G)nough I'm the (Em)one (D)You (G)love

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