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Ride Out Your Storm Lyrics & Chords

By Rudolph K Roberts

Verse 1 (C)You’ve been in the storm it (F)seems like for(C)ever, and your night of con(G)fusion has been oh so (C)long, your ship has lost anchor and the (F)storms got you (C)drifting, but the nights almost (G)over so ride out your (C)storm. Chorus (C)Ride out your (F)storm God’s right there (C)with you, you may not (G)feel him oh but you’re not (C)alone, you’re hurting (F)now, but your morning is (C)coming, so hold on to (G)Jesus and ride out your (C)storm. Verse 2 Remember his promise he said I’ll never forsake you, though the waters are raging oh they’ll do you no harm, don’t give up the battle, for your answer is coming, just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm. Verse 3 You've cried many tears, and your heart has been broken, but it’s almost over for he's coming again, he'll say to the storm peace be still, just hold on to Jesus and ride out your storm.

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