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Rock Of Ages Lyrics & Chords

written by Brantley George

(D)Rock of ages (G)cleft for (D)me
Let me hide my(A)self in (D)Thee
Let the (A)water and the (D)blood
From Thy (A)wounded side which (D)flowed
Be of sin the (G)double (D)cure
Save from wrath and (A)make me (D)pure.

(D)Could my (G)tears forever (D)flow
Could my zeal no (A)longer (D)know
His for (A)sin could not (D)atone
Thou must (A)save and Thou (D)alone
In my hand no (G)prize I (D)bring
Simply to Your (A)cross I’ll (D)cling.

(D)While I draw this (G)fleeting (D)breath
When my eyes (A)shall close in (D)death
When I (A)rise to worlds (D)unknown
And (A)behold Thee on Thy (D)throne
Rock of ages (G)cleft for(D) me
Let me hide (A)myself in (D)Thee.

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