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Rockin' With Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Joyce Shaffer

(G)I'm free from the prison I've been living (D)in Heartaches and failures have come to an (G)end I'm living a life I've (G)never lived (C)before Just rockin' with (G)Jesus (D)on heaven's front (G)porch No candy (C)mountain just water of (G)life No more (D)worries to always get it (G)right Loving (C)Jesus there's a door I walk (G)through Just rockin' with (D)Jesus waiting for (G)you Some may wonder they don't understand Things can control you like money or land No Gods before Him He can touch your core To rock with Jesus on heaven's front porch I know you'll miss me please don't cry It's better than vacation I'm living mighty high Rockin' with loved ones who've come before We're rockin' with Jesus on heaven's front porch

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