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Rough Side of the Mountain Lyrics & Chords

By Rev. F. C. Barnes

(C)Oh Lord, I'm strivin', tryin' to make it through this barren land, but as I go from day to day, I can hear my Savior (F)say, "trust me (C)child, come (Am)on and (G)hold my (C)hand." Chorus (C)I'm comin' up on the (F)rough side of the (C)mountain, I must hold to God, His powerful (G)hand. I'm comin' up on the (F)rough side of the (C)mountain, I'm doin' my best to (G)make it (C)in. I'm comin' up Lord, although my burdens sometime they press me down, but if I can only keep this faith I'll have strength just to run this race; I'm lookin' for my starry crown. This old race will be soon be over, there'll be no more race for me to run. And I will stand before God's throne, all my heartaches will be gone, I'll hear my Savior say, "welcome home".

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