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The Race Lyrics & Chords

By Lanny Wolfe

Verse 1 (G)Many souls have started out to (C)run this (G)race but many feet have (Em)stumbled trying (A)hard to (D)keep (G)pace. Sometimes my feet have grown weary as I've watched (C)others pass me (D)by It makes me (G)wonder who will (Em)make it, is there (D)hope for such as (G)I Chorus (G)It's Not the one who runs the (D)swiftest Nor the one who shines for a (G)day But the one who (C)endureth to the (D)end (G)He, (D)he shall be (G)saved Verse 2 It's not promised to the one who prays the loudest nor to the one who speaks his words the best. But it's promised to the true and to the faithful. To the ones who've overcome and stans the test. Chorus Not the one who runs the swiftest Nor the one who shines for a day But the one who endureth to the end He, he shall be saved

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