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All Is Well Lyrics & Chords

(D)There's a story in the bible of Elijah, Shumanite (A)woman and her son.
The (G)woman found Favor with (A)God and He (G)gave her a (D)son.
While working in the fields, the little boy died
but the (G)womans faith never (A)failed, even in (D)death she testi(A)fied, that all is (D)well

(D)All is well, all is (A)well
We have heard the message Lord, all is (D)well.
There is a place of perfect rest be(G)hind the inner (A)veil:
so (D)rest, little bride (A)rest, for all is (D)well.

(D)Now things have not worked out like God's people (A)thought.
Cause (G)we're still here (A)fighting the greatest battle ever (D)fought.
We must have the faith of Abraham,
knowing (G)God's word never (A)fails. If we (D)trust in Him, we (A)find, that all is (D)well. Chorus All is well, all is well We have heard the message Lord, all is well. There is a place of perfect rest behind the inner veil: so rest, little bride rest, for all is well.

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