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All My Hope (Is In Jesus) Lyrics & Chords

By Crowder

Verse 1 (G)I've been held (Am)by (G)the Sa(C)vior (G)I've felt fire (Am)from (G)a(D)bove I've been down to (G)the (C)river I (G)ain't the same, a (C)prodigal re(G)turned Chorus (G)All my hope (Am)is (G)in (C)Jesus Thank (G)God that (Em)yesterday's (D)gone (G)All my sins (Am)are (G)for(C)given (G)And I've been (C)washed by the (G)blood Verse 2 I'm no stranger to prison I've worn shackles and chains But I've been freed and forgiven And I'm not going back, I'll never be the same That's why I sing Chorus All my hope is in Jesus Thank God that yesterday's gone All my sins are forgiven I've been washed by the blood Bridge (G)There's a kind of thing that just (C)breaks a man (G)Break him down to his (D)knees (G)God, I've been broken (Am)more (G)than a (C)time or two Yes, Lord then He (G)picked me up and (C)showed me What it (G)means to be a man

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