As The Deer (Panteth For The Waters) Lyrics & Chords

By Martin J. Nystrom

(G)As the deer (C)panteth for the (G)water
So my (C)soul longeth (G)after (D)thee
(G)You alone are my (C)heart's (G)desire
And I (C)long to worship (G)thee

(G)You alone are my (Em)strength, my shield
(C)To you alone may my (Am)spirit (Em)yield
(G)You alone are my (C)heart's desire
And I (Em)long to (C)worship (G)thee

(G)You're my friend and you (C)are my (G)brother
Even (C)though you (G)are a (D)king
(G)I love you more (C)than any (G)other
So much more (C)than any(G)thing

(G)I want you more than (C)gold or (G)silver,
only (C)you can (G)satis(D)fy.
(G)You alone are the (C)real joy (G)giver
and the (C)apple of my (G)eye.

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