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Be Still And Know Lyrics & Chords

Hannah Kerr

Verse 1 (F)When your (Am)heart is any(F)thing but quiet And (C)peace feels a (Dm)million miles away When the (Am)world is (F)heavy on your shoulders And you (C)don't know the (Dm)path that you should take When you (G)cry out to the Lord And your (F)broken voice is weak When you (G)can't stand anymore He'll (F)meet you on your (G)knees Chorus Be (C)still and (F)know You don't have to (C)worry Be still and (F)know He'll find you where you (C)are (G) He (C)is (Am)good His (C)love will (F)never let you (C)go (Dm) (C)Trust Him, be (G)still and (C)know (F) Be still and (C)know (F) Verse 2 His plan is for the good of all who love Him His word is a promise you can hold So cry out to the Lord He is strong when you are weak Find rest and be restored He is all you need Chorus Be still and know You don't have to worry Be still and know He'll find you where you are He is good His love will never let you go Trust Him, be still and know Be still and know Be still and know Bridge So (G)cry out to the Lord He is (F)strong when you are weak Find (G)rest and be restored (F)He is every(G)thing

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