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Because He Loved Me Lyrics & Chords

By Primitive Quartet

(G)On a hill called Calvary Jesus my (C)Lord suffered for (G)me Carried the cross all the way my sins he ato(D)ned. Then they (G)nailed him to the cross, great was the (C)pain and the (G)loss. He suffered it (Em)all, be(D)cause he loved (G)me. Chorus (G)Because he loved me my Saviour died, on a (C)cross was cruc(G)ified, no greater love by mortal man has ever been (D)known, oh praise His dear (G)name he loved me so, now I am (C)his he's mine I (G)know. He suffered it (Em)all be(D)cause he loved (G)me. (G)Then they carried him away, placed (C)him in a lonely (G)grave surely they thought that this would be the end of this (D)man, but on that (G)third and glorious day God came and (C)rolled the stone a(G)way. He arose from the (Em)dead, be(D)cause he loved (G)me.

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