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El Borde De Su Manto Letra y Acordes

Himno | Alabanza | Juan Carlos Alvarado

Si tan (Am)solo to(G)care el borde de su (F)manto Si tan (Am)solo pu(G)diera ver su (F)rostro Si tan (Am)solo pu(G)diera tocar sus (F)manos (C)Libre se(Dm)ria, (F)yo (G)se Si tan (Am)solo t(G)ocare el borde de su (F)manto Si tan (Am)solo pu(G)diera oír su (F)voz Si tan (Am)solo pu(G)diera acercarme a (F)él (C)Libre se(Dm)ria, yo (G)se (F) Porque de(G)lante de (C)ti Solo soy (G)alguien que nece(Am)sita (G)Un toque del ma(F)estro (Dm) Para ser libe(G)rado Por que de(G)lante de (C)ti Solo soy (G)alguien que (Am)necesita Una (G)mirada de mi salva(Dm)dor (F) Su nombre es Je(G)sús Je(C)sús, (G)Je(Am)sús, (Em)Je(Dm)sús, (F)nombre sin i(G)gual

These lyrics are the property of the respective artist, authors and labels, they are intended solely for educational purposes and private study only. The chords and strumming pattern are my interpretation and their accuracy is not guaranteed. 

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